Blister Cards

One of the Simplest and Most Popular Systems
Monthly or 28-Day Cycle

  • Easy to Use
  • Color Coded for Time of Administration Barcoded
  • Hygienic, No cleaning or label removal
  • Tamper evident

Single Dose (1 Medication per bubble)
Better for

  • Facilities with NUMEROUS Medication Changes
  • Residents with LARGE Medication Profiles
  • Simply Remove Card for a Discontinuation

Multi-Dose (up to 8 Medications in 1 bubble)
Better for

  • Facilities with FEW Medication Changes
  • Residents with SMALL Medication Profiles
  • Easier to Administer with Less Cards but:
  • Medications Need Identified and Removed by Staff¬†if There is a Discontinuation
  • More than 5 Medications per Dose Typically Require¬†Additional Cards